Bowl pix

OK, so here are some photos from the other day.

Here’s the dog bowl

And this is what it turned into

It’s drying out now and then I’ll oil it up. This should bring our the colours.

Here’s the bird bath

You can just make out the iron staining from the reaction between the tools and the tannin in the chestnut.

Good for a bird bath though I think.

Rather heavier than a bowl for food use, but the weight is intended to keep the thing still when it’s windy

Here is the current work in progress. It’s made from a section of the big old silver birch we’ve felled in the garden, so it’s not for sale but will stay at home as a memento of the tree and my father who planted the tree donkey’s years ago. I’ll post another picture when it’s done, it’s rather large!

OK, busy ‘day off’ today preparing for a demo to a group of power turners this evening in York.


So, farewell then silver birch tree

You were planted 40 years ago,

and grew into a giant of a birch,

must have been that land drain

that made you grow so well.

Here comes Mathew

with his top handle saw,

he climbs to cut your limbs

you’ll soon be firewood.

No more will you shade

the garden and cover stuff in green,

blow your seeds into the house

and welcome little birds

But hey,

I’ll make you into a few spoons

and a dough bowl as well,

and you’ll keep us warm in winter (next!).

With apologies to E. J. Thribb (17½)